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About Skaneateles Youth Hockey Association

Welcome to the website for the Skaneateles Youth Hockey Association.

We are a youth hockey association dedicated to providing children and young adults in Skaneateles, New York and neighboring communities with an opportunity to play hockey at a high level, have fun, make friends, and learn the importance of sportsmanship, commitment, and teamwork.

We field select teams(formerly known as 'travel" teams) at each birth year level from squirts to bantams. We also field house/Snowbelt teams at each level.  

At the younger levels, we have well-organized and popular programs consisting of termites, initiation, and mites...

Termites:  This is for players just learning to skate... normally ages 3-5.  The focus is skating... no sticks are used. This level starts in November.

Initiation: This level is for players who can skate around on their own and are starting to move into some game play.  These players begin in November with no sticks and will start using sticks around Christmas time... "Santa" normally shows up and delivers their first stick!

Mites:  At these levels players start at the beginning of October and are put at a level that fit their abilities. Cross-ice games will be played on weekends versus other associations.  Mite Red is the most advanced level in our mite program followed by Mite White and then Mite Blue.  Players at the mite level are typically ages 6-8. 

We also have girls teams, which play at the 19U, 16U, and 14U levels, depending on interest.  Recently our 19U girls won the section and NYS Championship.

We have added split season state bound boys 16U and 18U teams that would wrap around the varsity hockey season.

We offer birth year select teams (formerly known as travel teams) for squirt, peewee, and bantam levels.

Our Peewee and Bantam select major teams compete in Tier II of the Central New York Section for the right to play in the NYSAHA State Tournament.  In recent years, we have brought home championship banners at both the Peewee and Bantam levels and competed in the state tournament.  

We also offer elite level split season teams at the boys' 16U and 19U levels.  These teams are nice compliments for the players playing high school hockey in Central New York.

Our house teams play in the Central NY Snowbelt Hockey League.  Our highly successful girls teams play in the Finger Lakes Girls Hockey League.  All of our teams practice and play at two local rinks, as well as play games on the road.  

We welcome all newcomers, no matter what their age or ability level.

If you have any questions regarding the set-up of our organization, please contact us anytime.

Go Lakers!