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Understanding Team Classifications

Squirt? Peewee? Someone help!!

We can't blame anyone for being a bit confused, sometimes it seems like hockey has it's own language! USA Hockey changed the names of each level in 2016, but you'll often hear people refer to the teams by the old names. Here's a list to help you sound like a pro!

First Year Player ----- Termites
Second Year Player ----- Initiation
ages 7 - 8 Mites 8U
ages 9 - 10 Squirt 10U
ages 11 - 12 Peewee 12U
ages 13 - 14 Bantam 14U
ages 15 -16 Minor Midget 16U
ages 17 - 18 Major Midget 18U


Team Designations

Another area of confusion that accompanies teams- Travel, Select, House or Snowbelt. 

Travel and select are used interchangeably, just as House and Snowbelt are. This again reflects a change in terminology by USA Hockey.

Snowbelt (formerly House) hockey can be compared to a recreation league. The teams will practice twice a week and travel to different towns in NY to play teams for other organizations in the Snowbelt League. Players on the Snowbelt teams will not have to tryout for the team, and they can expect equal playing time during games.

Snowbelt teams are a great choice for players who want to develop but perhaps don't want a higher level of commitment. 

Previously called Travel Teams, Select teams will practice twice a week. Select teams may play teams from greater distances, depending on the team. Teams may also be State Tournament Bound (often abbreviated to "TB"). 

Select teams usually require greater levels of commitment of both time and finances. Players wishing to play on a Select team will need to tryout in the spring.